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Skin Care, Weight Loss, and Health Services

1.) Exculsive Dermasound Treatments by Amy

  • Non invasive treatment for all skin types
  • Detoxify pores 
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Relieves Skin cell congestion
  • Penetrates antioxidants deep into the skin.
  • Stimulate muscles to increase firmness
  • Dramatic reductions in Acne, brown spots, and wrinkles

2.) Weight Loss and Fat Loss with Scott

  • No special foods required
  • $$$ less than competitors
  • Lose or maintain weight easily
  • Simple strategies to rely on
  • Balance your Body Chemistry to THRIVE
  • One on one attention with a Pharmacist
  • Safely find your plan to THRIVE
  • Use chemistry to improve your energy
  • Learn what eating healthy looks like for YOU
  • Click below to find the best nutritional products

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“A refreshing alternative to anything I’ve experienced before. This place is fabulous, so check it out!”
– Jill

“I dropped 2 clothes sizes in just 6 weeks and haven’t been this size in over 15 years. Your support and belief in me made all the difference!”
– Jennifer

“Thrive Health Center has had an amazing presence in my life. I highly recommend them! They provide a good, sound, nutritional program with proven longevity.”
– Karen

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What We Offer

What We Offer

Exceptional Skincare services and products along with an incredible Health renewal program

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Scott your pharmacist and Amy your aesthetician will work with you to give you the results you deserve.

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